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Whether you're a home owner, investor, or renting, TIO can help you cover your home.

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Home Insurance

With TIO you can cover your home buildings, contents or investment property. Use our home and contents or landlord interactive tool to see what cover is included in home buildings, contents and landlord insurance.

Home Buildings Insurance

Cover your buildings with our Territory Home Insurance

Designed to cover the cost of loss or damage to the physical structures that make up your home buildings, from the house itself to your garage, fences, sheds and more.

Home Contents Insurance
Cover your contents with our Territory Home Insurance.

Designed to cover the cost of loss or damage to your contents at home, such as your furniture, white goods, rugs, electrical appliances, or even your clothes, linen, and more.

Landlords Insurance

Cover your investment property with our Territory Landlord Insurance

Designed to cover the loss or damage to your investment property and / or the contents you provide for your tenant. Buy a building-only or contents-only policy, or combine both.

Renters Insurance
Cover your belongings at your rental home with our Territory Home Insurance.

Designed to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your belongings kept at your rented home, such as your furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, linen, kitchen items, and more.

This is a summary of only some of the features and benefits available on TIO Territory Home Insurance and TIO Territory Landlord Insurance. Before deciding on a policy, read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Supplementary PDS (where applicable) which set out the standard terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. The Home Buildings and Home Contents Key Fact Sheets (KFS) also sets out come information about the cover.

Save up to 10% when you buy both Building and Contents cover and combine them on the one Home Insurance policy1,3

Suitable for owner-occupiers. Covers the cost of loss or damage to both your home building and home contents.

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Home Insurance Calculators

When you take out Home Insurance, it’s important that the amount you’re insured for accurately reflects the cost to rebuild your property and replace your contents.

If you’re insured for less than the replacement value of your home and contents, you might have to pay the difference out of your own pocket. Use our calculators as a guide to find out how much you should be insured for.

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Value my Buildings

Buildings Replacement Cost Calculator

Value my Buildings

For home owners and landlords

Value my Contents

Home Contents Replacement Cost Calculator

Value my Contents

For home owners and renters

Disclaimer: The calculators will estimate a replacement cost by using the general information about your home buildings and contents provided by you. The estimate may not be appropriate for you and you’ll need to assess its suitability given your knowledge of your property and contents.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that the level of cover will be adequate to repair or replace your buildings and home contents in the event of a covered claim.

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We understand the unique conditions faced in the Territory

TIO is based in Darwin and our strength lies in our solid understanding of the conditions faced within the Territory year after year.

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Talk to a local!
Our contact centre and claims teams live and work in the Territory, so we know Territory conditions.
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With our Buildings and Contents cover, you may be covered for storms, cyclones2, hail, storm surge2 and flood2.
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TIO was established in 1979 to provide Territorians with a range of insurance options to choose from. We are as committed and passionate about the Northern Territory as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your insurance is called a ‘premium’. Your premium will depend on a number of factors, and can change each year when you renew your policy. Your premium for each period of insurance will be shown on your policy schedule.

There are a number of factors that determine how your TIO Territory Home Insurance premium is calculated, including:

  • Your risk profile. We work this out using a number of factors, such as but not limited to:
    • Where you live
    • The type of property you’re insuring
    • The amount and type of cover you need
    • Any other people also insured under the policy
    • The relevant claims history of the people being insured
    • The likelihood of a claim being made on your policy
  • Any discounts that may apply
  • Any compulsory government charges such as Stamp Duty and GST
  • Fire Services Levy if they apply to the State or Territory where your home is located
  • Any other charges we tell you of
  • The excess you choose4

To find out the cost of insuring your building and/or contents through TIO, get a quick quote today!

If you were previously renting, the home building insurance was the responsibility of the landlord. As a property owner, you’re responsible for your own building insurance.

If you’ve just bought an apartment or townhouse, the building may be covered by Strata – check with your body corporate if this is the case. If so, you can still get your contents insured with us. If you’ve bought the house as an investment property, you may wish to consider Landlord Insurance.

Get a Territory Home Insurance quote or a Territory Landlord Insurance quote now.

With TIO there are a number of ways you may save on your Home, Landlord and/or Contents Insurance premium:

  • If you’re buying Territory Home Insurance, combine your Building and Contents cover on the one policy and save up to 10%1,3 (compared to purchasing each cover as a standalone cover). This discount doesn’t apply to Landlords Insurance.
  • Pay your premium annually rather than monthly to save paying a monthly service fee.
  • Increase your excess: our policies come with flexible excess levels, giving you the option to increase your excess, within a given range, which could reduce your premium.4

Before beginning renovations, you’ll need to notify us as soon as reasonably possible during the period of insurance if:

  • You’re an owner-occupier with a Territory Home Insurance policy and your renovations will cost more than $75,000.
  • You’re a landlord with a Territory Landlord Insurance policy and your renovations will cost more than $75,000.

If you don’t, we may refuse or reduce a claim under the policy to the extent we are prejudiced by the delay or the non-disclosure. When we get this information, we may:

  • Propose changes to the terms and conditions of your policy
  • Propose to charge you a higher premium
  • Cancel your policy (if there’s a change and we can’t reach an agreement with you on altered terms and conditions or premium; or we’re no longer prepared to insure you because there’s been a material change to the risk).
  • Decide not to offer to renew your policy

Note: It’s also important that you consider increasing your sum insured to take into account any extensions or renovations to make sure you’re adequately covered in the event of a home and/or landlord insurance claim.

If your investment property is currently unoccupied, and it’s not a new property that will be permanently occupied within 60 days of settlement, we’ll not be able to offer you a new Home or Landlord Insurance policy online. You can call us on 131 846 and we’ll ask you a few more questions to see what kind of insurance we can offer you.

If you already hold a Territory Landlord Insurance policy for this property with us and the buildings haven’t or won’t not be lived in for more than 60 consecutive days, you’ll need to let us know as soon as reasonably possible by calling 131 846.

If you rent out a part of your home while you live at the same address, you’ll need to tell us first before we agree to insure you. Depending on the circumstances, your tenant may need to take out their own contents insurance policy.

If you’re renting all of your home or a granny flat out to tenants, cover isn’t available under a TIO Territory Home Insurance policy. You may need to consider a TIO Territory Landlord policy.

For more information, call us on 131 846 so we can help determine your eligibility.

Our Territory Home Insurance offers cover for your home where you reside and your contents inside it. Territory Landlord Insurance is designed to provide cover for your investment property and any contents you may provide for your tenants use. For full details of the standard conditions and exclusions, refer to the relevant PDS and any supplementary PDS (where applicable).

Motor Burnout can insure you in the event of damage caused by an electrical current to a domestic household electrical motor up to the age of 10 years. For full details of the standard terms, conditions and exclusions, refer to the relevant section in PDS and any supplementary PDS (where applicable).

This option covers you in the event of accidental unexpected mishaps that are caused unintentionally, for example if you’re moving furniture around the house and damage your wall (if you have selected the Accidental Cover option and have Buildings cover) or if you have spilt a drink which causes damage to your carpet (if you have selected the Accidental Cover option and have Contents cover).

Here are some examples of the sort of mishaps you might be covered for if you take out optional Accidental Damage cover*:

If you have Building cover and:

  • You accidentally smash a hole in the wall when you move some furniture
  • Your kids draw all over your walls

If you have Contents cover* and:

  • You spill red wine on the new white carpet or lounge

We’ll extend cover for your contents anywhere in Australia for up to 90 continuous days in one period of insurance.

This cover option does not provide cover for some instances such as loss or damage caused by, or arising from domestic animals or pets for which you are legally responsible, tree roots or the incorrect siting of buildings. For full details of the standard terms, conditions and exclusions, refer to the relevant section in the PDS and any supplementary PDS (where applicable).

Unless we state otherwise in the PDS, you’ll need to pay an excess as a contribution toward your claim when you make a claim under the policy.

Charging an excess also helps to keep the cost of premiums down by reducing the number of small claims. The amount and type of excess you have to pay will be shown in your policy schedule or in your PDS.

For full details of the standard terms, conditions and exclusions, refer to your policy schedule or the relevant PDS and any supplementary PDS (where applicable)

If you’re altering the security on your property, you should inform us as soon as reasonably possible as it may change the conditions of your Home Insurance. Your premium may also be affected.

Yes, it’s important that you inform us of any changes in use of the premises as soon as reasonably possible as we may refuse or reduce a claim under the policy to the extent we’re prejudiced by the delay.

This cover option allows you to insure items which you wear or carry with you outside your home (such as a handbag, wallet, sunglasses, jewellery or a musical instrument). You can choose from two types of Portable Contents cover – unlisted or listed – or you can choose both.

Unlisted Portable Contents

This option allows you to select a per item limit and per claim limit, e.g. up to $2,000 per item and $7,500 per claim. This means you don’t have to specifically list your portable item. However, this option doesn’t cover items such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wearable technology which need to be covered under Listed Portable Contents.

Listed Portable Contents

This option allows you to cover specifically listed portable items for their full replacement value (less any contributable excess at time of claim). Laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wearable technology can be listed under your policy and covered as listed portable items.

Which best describes you?

*Conditions apply

1. Combined Discount

A discount of up to 10% is applied to your premium when you combine Buildings and Contents on one Home Insurance policy, including for the following optional covers if selected: Accidental damage and Disaster cover, but not for Portable contents cover. The combined discount doesn't apply to the premium for Flood cover or Landlord policies.

2. 72-hour exclusion period for loss or damage occurring from cyclones, storm surge or floods

To manage the risk of people taking out insurance on their uninsured home buildings or contents or increasing cover on their underinsured home buildings or contents when events such as cyclones, floods or storm surge are predicted, TIO applies a 72-hour exclusion period to some insured events. We do not provide cover (where the type of cover you have under the policy provides it) for any loss of or damage to your property caused by cyclone, flood or storm surge, during the first 72 hours after you first take out or increase the cover under the policy. However, you will be covered from the time you take out or amend your policy for loss or damage to your buildings and/or contents caused by other insured events.

3. Minimum premiums may apply

Any discounts may be subject to rounding and only apply to the extent that any minimum premium isn't reached. If you’re eligible for more than one discount, TIO applies them in a predetermined order. This means the effect of applying any subsequent discount will be reduced. For example, the aggregate effect of applying two discounts consecutively means that you won't see the full benefit of both these discounts.

Discounts don't apply to taxes or government charges.

4. Option to change your excess

Not available with respect to any additional compulsory excess, imposed excess applied to the policy or to the Portable contents excess. Any reduction in premium won’t be applied to government taxes and charges, Flood, or to optional covers (if available and selected) including Portable contents. Minimum premiums apply.