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TIO has been part of the Northern Territory community for over 40 years and we have a long history of supporting initiatives and organisations that make Territorians proud.

We celebrate our passion for sport, education, community safety and health through a range of sponsorships and partnerships. And when it comes to weather events, we do everything we can to help make sure you’re ready for whatever comes our way.

Sponsorship and Community Events

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Ready for the Wet Season in the Top End

The things you need to know to be ready for the Wet Season with our essential severe weather guide
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Home Security

Tips on how to secure your home.
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What to do after a major weather event

The things you should do after a serious weather event
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Free SMS Severe Weather Alerts

Be prepared this wet season with SMS or e-mail alerts

Ready for the Wet Season in the Top End

In the Top End we experience extreme weather including severe storms, cyclones and flooding. Each wet season, which runs from October to April, as many as three cyclones form in our region and it’s important to be ready.

To help you plan, TIO has developed a severe weather guide in conjunction with the Northern Territory Emergency Service (NTES). This guide includes information on creating an emergency plan and preparing a cyclone kit so you can reduce the risk of injury and damage to yourself, your family and your property.

Home and Garden

Video about Preparing your Home and Garden for Wet season


Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit Video for Wet Season


What to do after a major weather event

After the severe weather has past, the most important thing to do is look after yourself, your friends and your family. You are still required to follow the advice of emergency services.

What to do after a serious weather event:

  • Listen to the local radio for official warnings and advice.
  • Don’t go outside until advised officially that it is safe. If you need to go outside, beware of fallen powerlines, damaged buildings, fallen trees and flooded water ways.
  • Check for gas leaks and avoid turning the power on at your home if there is flooding or water damage. Have a professional conduct a thorough inspection first.
  • If you had to evacuate, don’t go home until advised. Don’t ignore warnings and don’t go sightseeing, stay where you are if it’s safe.
  • Check on neighbours, render assistance if necessary
  • Don’t make unnecessary telephone calls
  • Always assume downed powerlines are live and lethal
  • Contact your insurer at the earliest opportunity to lodge your claim. If you need to submit a claim you can do this online.
  • Before disposing of any items; photograph and make a list of damaged items including make, model and age of item
  • You can commence clean-up including removal of rubbish only if it is safe to do so. Make sure you wear gloves and closed-in shoes to avoid injury and illness.
  • Conduct any vital repairs only if it is safe to do so
  • Keep documents and invoices for any emergency costs incurred.
  • Visit secureNT for up to date emergency alerts and warnings

If you require assistance from Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) please contact 132 500 for emergency help in floods, storms and cyclones.

Things to avoid:

  • If you believe the property may have asbestos do not attempt any cleaning or repairs
  • Do not undertake any repairs which may not be safe or that require a professional (climbing onto roof, electrical work)

Sponsorship and Community Events

At TIO, we support the community in which we live and work through a range of sponsorships that reflect our corporate values.

We partner with a variety of local organisations to promote sport, education, community safety, the arts and health. Through these partnerships we aim to build confidence and resilience in our people, our customers and the community.

Our major sponsorships and partnerships

For thirty years TIO has supported Territory football through our sponsorship of junior, women’s and men’s competitions. We are the naming rights sponsor of the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) and the Central Australian Football League (CAFL).
TIO is the naming rights sponsor of TIO Stadium in Darwin and TIO Traeger Park in Alice Springs. Both stadiums are major sporting venues which are home to TIO NTFL and TIO CAFL games. These stadiums also host many other major sporting events, community and cultural activities.
Northern Territory Insurance Conference
TIO is the diamond sponsor of the Northern Territory Insurance Conference, which provides an opportunity for insurance industry professionals to undertake professional development here in the Territory. The conference concludes with an award ceremony to recognise and celebrate those achieving within the industry.
CareFlight MediSim Trauma Care Workshops
Due to the vast and remote landscape of the NT, having the skills to respond in an emergency can be lifesaving. The CareFlight MediSim program visits remote locations to provide new skills to rural and remote first responders who provide emergency care while they are waiting for help to arrive.
TIO Automotive Apprentice Awards
As principal sponsor of these awards since their inception in 2013, TIO has seen many committed and talented apprentices begin their careers in the automotive industry. The awards are held to celebrate first, second, third and fourth year apprentices who have started their careers and are performing well.
Northern Territory Emergency Services
Partnering with the Northern Territory Emergency Service (NTES) is another way we support Territorians who are affected by extreme weather events. NTES raises public awareness of potential disasters, coordinates emergency management planning and provides a response capability for emergency events through dedicated volunteers.

Home Security: Make sure you secure your home

  • Lock your doors – even when you’re at home
  • Don’t keep your car keys in an obvious / easily accessible place like directly inside your unlocked front door
  • Don’t make it easy for others to hide around your property – cut back bushes and trees
  • Fit security screens, locks and deadbolts to your property. A sliding door can have a steel bar placed into the ruts for added security
  • Make sure you remove the garage remote from your vehicle as this can give an intruder easy access to your house
  • Install motion sensor lights within your yard
  • If you’re away, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to collect mail and put the rubbish bin out
  • Don’t advertise purchases by leaving belongings in plain sight from the road (bikes, etc)
  • Timers are useful to turn lights on when you’re not at home
  • Leave a spare key with a neighbour – not hidden under your door mat
  • Install an alarm system
  • Get to know your neighbours

We understand the unique conditions faced in the Territory

TIO is based in Darwin and our strength lies in our solid understanding of the conditions faced within the Territory year after year.

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