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Car Insurance

Watch our short video to understand the differences between comprehensive and third party property damage car insurance.

Video about the differences between comprehensive and third party property damage car insurance.

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We understand that your car is more important to you than just getting you from A to B. It is your daily commute, lets you explore on the weekend, and for some, it is your pride and joy. So make sure you’ve got the right level of cover with TIO Car Insurance.

We offer two levels of cover: Third Party Property Damage and Comprehensive Cover. Third Party Property Damage covers for loss or damage you cause to other people’s cars or property. Whereas Comprehensive covers for loss or damage to your car as well as loss or damage you cause to other people’s cars or property.

This table is a guide only. For full details of the conditions, limits and exclusions on all our cover options please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Documents.

Legal Liability
Accidental Damage
New for old replacement
- for vehicles less than 2 years old
Emergency accommodation and travel expenses
Cover for personal items
Guarantee on authorised repairs 7
Rental car after theft of your vehicle6
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Included in policy
Not included in policy

This is a summary only of some of the features available on these Car Insurance policies. Before making a decision on this insurance, please carefully consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Supplementary PDS (where applicable) which set out the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of our Car Insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance insures your vehicle for accidental loss or damage in events such as motor accidents, theft, vandalism and damage while parked. Comprehensive Car Insurance also covers your vehicle in weather events such as hail, storm, bushfire2, cyclone2 or flood2. Plus, it covers your legal liability for loss or damage you cause to someone else’s car or property while driving your vehicle.

Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance insures you for damage you cause to someone else’s car or property while using your vehicle but doesn’t include cover for your vehicle.

To see which option is right for you, you can compare the different insurance cover types here.

The cost of comprehensive and third-party property damage car insurance is determined by a range of factors and each insurance company may calculate your premium differently. When calculating your car insurance premium, some of the factors we consider at TIO are:

  • the type of cover you hold
  • the age, driving experience and claims history of the person who drives the car most
  • the year, make and model of your car
  • the location your car is parked

To know exactly how much your Car Insurance would cost get a quote online for our Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance.

If you have a claim, an excess is the dollar amount you contribute towards the cost of a claim. There are different types of excess which may apply to you or the driver of your vehicle at the time of the claim and sometimes you may have to pay more than one excess.

For Car Insurance you will not have to pay any excess if:

  • the claim relates to damage, that was the fault of a person other than the driver of your car, at the time of the incident; and
  • you can provide us with the name and contact details of the other person or any other information that would reasonably allow us to identify the person; and
  • the claimable loss is recoverable by us.

To see which excess types, apply to your policy you can check this in your policy schedule under the heading “Excess applicable to claims” and refer to the product disclosure statement.

Managing your Car Insurance

Good news, learner drivers are automatically covered and you do not need to inform us provided the instructing driver meets the policy criteria as set out in your schedule and PDS as well as the criteria set out by your relevant State Roads Authority.

The additional 'Age Excess' and 'Un-named driver excess' does not apply when a learner driver is accompanied by the holder of a full unrestricted Australian drivers’ licence.

When your son/daughter receives their Probationary Licence, you may wish to consider listing them as a nominated Driver on your policy to reduce the 'Age Excess' payable at the time of a claim.

If your son/daughter is listed on the policy schedule at the time of a claim, you would pay a lower 'Age excess' in addition to Your Basic Excess. In the event that your son/daughter is involved in an accident in your vehicle and is not listed as a nominated driver on your insurance policy schedule, you may have to pay a higher 'Age excess' in addition to Your Basic Excess.

To nominate a driver on your policy you can call our TIO contact centre team on 131 846.

All drivers must meet your policy criteria as set out in your schedule and PDS as well as the criteria set out by your relevant State Roads Authority and all excesses are displayed on your car insurance policy schedule.

To ensure they are covered in the event of a claim you need to let us know the details of all modifications you’ve made to your car and any non-standard accessories. Some examples of what you need tell us about (but not limited to) are; aftermarket wheels, towbar, snorkel, or a new sound system. Remember to keep a record of your purchases.

For your family member to have access to enquire or make changes to your car insurance policy you will either need to provide authority on the policy or add them as a policy holder.

Please contact our staff on 131 846 to discuss who is listed on the policy and what is required to provide them with access to your policy.

We understand the unique conditions faced in the Territory

TIO is based in Darwin and our strength lies in our solid understanding of the conditions faced within the Territory year after year.

Find out more

Talk to a local
Our contact centre and claims teams live and work in the Territory, so we know Territory conditions.
We cover various weather events
With our comprehensive cover, you’ll be covered for damage caused by storms, cyclones2, hail, storm surge and flood2. Plus you can add excess free windscreen cover3.
Trusted since 1979
TIO was established in 1979 to provide Territorians with a range of insurance options to choose from. We are as committed and passionate about the Northern Territory as you are.

*Conditions apply

1. Minimum premium

Any discounts/entitlements may be subject to rounding and only apply to the extent that any minimum premium is not reached. If you are eligible for more than one discount, TIO applies them in a predetermined order. This means the effect of applying any subsequent discount will be reduced. For example, the aggregate effect of applying two discounts consecutively means that you will not see the full benefit of both these discounts. Discounts do not apply to taxes or government charges.
Discounts are not applied to any optional benefits purchased.

2. 72 hour waiting period for loss or damage occurring from cyclones, flood or bush fires

To manage the risk of people taking out insurance on their uninsured vehicle when events such as cyclones, floods or bushfires are predicted, a 72 hour waiting period applies to some insured events. This means if you arrange new insurance you will not have cover for these events until 72 hours after purchase of your policy.

3. Removal of basic excess for windscreen claims

When the removal of basic excess for windscreen claims policy option is selected, and the windscreen or window glass in your vehicle is accidentally broken or damaged, we will not apply Your Basic excess to your claim. This option only applies:

  1. To one replacement claim plus two repair claims in any one period of insurance; and
  2. If the broken windscreen or window glass is the only damage to your vehicle.

4. Named driver discount

Named driver discount applies to comprehensive car insurance policies only. Up to 5% named driver discount is applied when you select this option and name all drivers on your policy at the time of purchase. This discount is applied to our standard rates (excluding optional covers). If you choose to reduce your premium by naming drivers on your policy, an unnamed driver will incur a $2,500 excess (this replaces Your Basic excess and all other excesses where applicable).

5. Choose your repairer

In certain circumstances we may agree with you to use a different repairer than the one that you selected or pay you the reasonable repair costs. We will act reasonably in doing so.

6. Rental car

If we have accepted your claim, we will arrange for you to be provided with a rental car for up to 30 days. The daily rental charge we will pay is up to $100. We will extend your rental car or daily travel allowance period to the extent that we caused or contributed to the delay in repairing your vehicle.

7. Guarantee on authorised repairs

We guarantee materials and workmanship on repairs we authorise for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. This guarantee is not transferable.