Workers Compensation

Under the Return to Work Act, employers must hold a workers compensation insurance policy with an approved insurer if they employ an individual who performs work or a service under contract.

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Workers Compensation with TIO

In the Northern Territory, any business that employs or hires workers on a full-time, part-time or casual basis, under an oral or written contract of service or apprenticeship, must have workers’ compensation insurance that covers all workers.

For more information about the Northern Territory Return to Work Act and the Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act visit the NT Worksafe website or contact us. Businesses operating in the Territory are able to access Workers Compensation Insurance through TIO and Allianz. For further information contact 131 846.

Claims Management

Workers compensation is compensation payable under the Return to Work Act to a worker who suffers an injury arising out of or in the course of the employment. The worker may be entitled to compensation for weekly benefits while incapacitated for work, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and permanent impairment.

Workers must notify employers of an injury as soon as is practicable and can provide the notice verbally or in writing. Employers are required to maintain a record of all injury notifications. The record must include:

  • Name and address of the worker
  • Date of injury
  • Cause of injury

Though the NT legislation does not contain any specific timeframes around notification of an injury to your workers compensation insurer, we ask that you advise us within three (3) days of receiving the claim form. This allows us to commence active injury management to facilitate a prompt recovery and return to work for your injured employee.

To make a claim

Should you or your worker wish to make a claim for compensation, you must:

  • Provide the worker with a NT Worksafe prescribed claim form. This form can be downloaded from the NT Worksafe website
  • On receipt of this form, complete the employer’s report section and forward it, together with the statement of Fitness for Work, to our Claims Team within 3 working days.

Please send documents to: or

Or you can mail them to:

Allianz Workers Compensation and TIO Workers Compensation
GPO Box 4771
Darwin NT 0801

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2. Available covers

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