Motor Accidents Compensation Scheme

The Motor Accidents Compensation (MAC) Scheme provides personal injury cover for you and your family which is included in your NT motor vehicle registration.

MAC can provide benefits such as medical, rehabilitation and financial support to help people recover from serious and sometimes permanent injuries caused by a road accident.

It is a no-fault scheme, which means that you are covered regardless of who caused the accident. MAC covers drivers, riders, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians injured in a road accident in the Northern Territory.

MAC is a government-owned scheme that is managed by the Motor Accidents Compensation Commission (MACC) and administered on its behalf by TIO.

TIO administration of the MAC scheme

TIO manages all aspects of the MAC scheme, from the initial placement of the claim for benefits, through to dealing with rehabilitation providers. The team has extensive experience in personal injury management and will support their customers through all steps of their recovery.

Our goal is to provide rapid resolution of their claims and ongoing support to every customer, with the highest level of care and courtesy, to help them back to health.

General Claims Management Policies

Correspondence Sent to Us

To ensure that we are able to deal with any requests or reimbursements in a timely manner, please ensure that all correspondence sent to us quotes your claim number and full name.

Contact Address and Telephone Details

It is important that we have correct contact details at all times. This is to ensure that payments on your claim are not delayed. You should contact us immediately if you change address or telephone number.

Reimbursement of Medical & Rehabilitation Costs

You have a choice either to:

  • Pay for the medical and rehabilitation costs and forward the receipts to us for reimbursement; or
  • You can arrange for the provider to send their bill to us.
  • All receipts or accounts that relate to your claim must be sent to us for payment. You are not entitled to claim these expenses from Medicare.
  • We are only required to reimburse reasonable expenses.

General Consultation Reimbursements

General consultations with your doctor are paid at the Australian Medical Association scheduled rates (indexed annually on 1 November). If your doctor charges in excess of the AMA prescribed fee, you will be responsible for the difference.

Updated Referrals

A doctor's referral for physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage or other hands-on treatment is only valid for six weeks. If you require ongoing treatment you must supply a current medical referral to ensure that the costs of the treatment will be reimbursed. Such treatments should be approved by us prior to commencement.

Payments of Benefits by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

When we pay money to you we prefer to make the payment by EFT to your nominated account. Payments are deposited into your account as cleared funds. If you have not already provided us with your bank details, please provide them to us.

Requirement to Attend Medical Appointments

From time-to-time we may require you to attend a medical appointment by a specialist. These appointments can be conducted for a number of reasons, including a general review of your injuries, advice on future treatment requirements, and assessment of continuing entitlements to benefits. We will endeavour to arrange these appointments at a time and location that is convenient for you, when possible.

Requirement to Undertake Rehabilitation

Various medical and rehabilitation service providers may be involved in the management of your recovery. Once treatment or rehabilitation has been agreed, you are obligated to complete the program. If you do not comply without a reasonable explanation it is possible that your benefits may be suspended with no back-payment of those benefits.

Changes to Benefit Entitlements

When we make a decision on your claim regarding your entitlement to benefits we will advise you of the outcome as soon as practicable. Where a decision has been made to reduce or cease a benefit, you will be notified in writing. If you do not agree with a decision that has been made, you can request a review of this decision through the MAC Dispute Resolution process. The MAC Dispute Resolution process is an optional process where by you can request either an Internal Review by an independent MAC staff member or a Designated Person Review. There are specific forms that are required to be completed and lodged for a review which can be located on the MAC "Make A Claim" page or by contacting our office. These requests must be submitted within 90 days of you receiving the decision regarding your benefits along with any supporting documentation you would like considered at the time of review. Time frames are in place to ensure that the review process is conducted as quickly as possible.