Insurance codes and standards

Our commitment to you

We’re committed to delivering high standards of service for our customers at all stages of the insurance process. We support the reforms being introduced by the Federal Government and are an active member of the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA). We’re helping to lift standards across the industry, ensuring we operate in a transparent and honest way.

The General Insurance Code of Practice

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited trading as Territory Insurance Office is a subscriber to the General Insurance Code of Practice and supports its principles of honesty, efficiency, fairness, transparency and timeliness.

Introduced by the ICA, the General Insurance Code of Practice (Code) sets out the standards that general insurers must meet when providing services to their customers. It also sets out timeframes for insurers to respond to claims, complaints and requests for information from customers.

The Code covers all aspects of the general insurance industry including product disclosure, claims handling and investigations, customers who are experiencing vulnerability, and reporting obligations.

The Code is monitored and enforced by the Code Governance Committee (CGC).

The CGC is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Code, as well as identifying areas for improvement of insurance practices and helping the general insurance industry understand and comply with the Code.

Anyone can report alleged breaches of the Code to the Code Governance Committee (CGC) at any time.

We aim to resolve any complaints you may have as efficiently as possible. Visit our complaints section for more information.

Our compliance with the Code

Under our commitment to the Code, we have a governance process in place to report to our Board and Executive Management on our compliance with the Code. We have systems and processes to enable the CGC to monitor our compliance with the Code.

We'll co-operate with the CGC in its review of our compliance with the Code and its investigations of any potential breaches of the Code, ensuring we uphold our commitment to deliver high standards of service.

Developing and distributing our products

We're committed to designing products that meet your insurance needs and provide you with value in a clear, transparent and fair way. We have developed an approach to the development and distribution of our products for appropriate target markets which can be viewed in Allianz Design and Distribution Statement